HERU - The Resurrection

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HERU - The Resurrection - By Ra Un Nefer Amen




The king, Ausar, has been killed by his evil brother, Set, and with his death God’s greatest revelation for the salvation of mankind has been lost. In Heru the Resurrection, relive the dramatic and magical efforts of Ausar’s wife, Auset, and the heroic adventures of his son, Heru, as they battle Set to reclaim the kingdom and to restore the world-saving spiritual teachings of Ausar.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1

The Return

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

A Day at the Wizard

Chapter 4

Set and Bes

Chapter 5

The Golden Utchat and the Golden Feather of Maat

Chapter 6

Ausar is Back

Chapter 7

The Reception

Chapter 8

A Night to Remember

Chapter 9

A Party to Remember

Chapter 10

Shall We have a Drink?

Chapter 11


Chapter 12

The Usurpation

Chapter 13

Death Sweet Death

Chapter 14

Stealing Ra’s Secret Word of Power

Chapter 15


Chapter 16

Birth of Heru

Chapter 17


Chapter 18

Heru Meets Set

Chapter 19

The Southern Coalition Meets

Chapter 20

The Great Battle

Chapter 21

The Cave of Amen

Chapter 22

Behutet, the final Battle

Chapter 23

The Weighing of the Heart

And the Resurrection

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