Metu Neter Vol 3

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Metu Neter Vol 3 - By Ra Un Nefer Amen




Success through spiritual means is the essence of spirituality as far as life on earth is concerned. We all know that however useful it is to cultivate our earthly resources - education, financial know-how, contacts, credentials, etc. - they are not enough. We were given a great resource - the power of the Spirit. In Metu Neter Volume 3 - The Key to Miracles, Ra Un Nefer Amen - the world's leading author on Kamitic Spiritual science - guides you step by step in the science of uniting with God and developing your divinity as the key to success in life. Because the system relies heavily on the great oracle of Kamit - the Metu Neter - you will also acquire the ability to coach others to acquire the skills of living as God intended - relying on the power of the Spirit - the miracle worker in us.

Table of Contents



Preliminary discourse

Fundamental Principles of Kamitic Spirituality

Living by Miracles

Neteru and Arch Angels

Chapter 1

Self Knowledge

The Knowledge of God’s Being

The Two Fundamental Components of God’s Being

The Five Fundamental Components of Man’s Being

Chapter 2

Man, the likeness of God

Man’s Relation to God in the World’s Spiritual Literature

The Pyramid Texts

The Epitaph (Pyramid Text) of King Unas, 2375 B.C.

The Coffin Texts, 2200 B.C.

The Pert Em Hru 1570 B.C.

The Evidence from India

The Upanishad, 872 B.C.

The Maha Bharata, Adi-Parva, ch. 98

Yoga Vasishtha, 5, 34, 26

The Bhagavad Gita 300 B.C,

The Evidence from the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)

The Evidence from Sufism

Chapter 3

The Paut Neteru

The Tree of Life

The Attributes of God and of Man

The Paut Neteru (Tree of Life) of Annu

The Paut Neteru (Tree of Life) of Annu – the Supreme Being

Other trees

The Paut of Ausar (Man)

The Guardian Angels

Chapter 4

The Paut of Ausar (Man) and Three Types of Man

The Ba Man, or Sage, or God-Man/Woman

The Ab or Superior Man/Woman

The Sahu, or Inferior Man/Woman

Spiritual Development and the three types of man

The Sahu Stage of Spiritual Development

The Ab Stage of Spiritual Development

The Ba Stage of Spiritual Development

Chapter 5

Ra, the Holy Spirit and The Life Force

Passion and Successful Material Goal Fulfillment

The 11 Desires


How the Tree of Life Came Into Being

Ra’s Desire, the Evolutionary Impetus

Chapter 6

Maat, Divine Law and Truth

Chapter 7

The Goal of Life, Success and Miracles

Success through the Ages

Religion, a Guide to Success

The Reciprocal Relationship of Material and Spiritual Pursuits

Miracle and Success

Becoming a God person on Earth

And the Paut Neteru

Man’s True Self Image

Spiritual Graduation

The Weighing of the Heart and of Words

The Three Judgments

The Process of Creation

The Four-Fold Law

Chapter 8

Overview of the Metu Neter Oracle

The Metu Neter, the Word of God

Stages of the Work of Spirituality

To Know Truth (the Law) You Must Live It

The Word Must Become Flesh

Why Oracles

The Word of Man

Happiness, Success, and Worldly and Spiritual Goals

Chapter 9

Consulting the oracle

The Consultation Procedure

Structure of a Metu (in the following chapters)

The Judgments

The question and shaping factors

Types of questions that may be asked

Formulating the Question

Key Readings

Your Personalized Spiritual Curriculum

Chapter 10


Major Keynotes

The meaning of the word “Amen”

Hetep, inner peace, Nirvana, Wu Ji


Living peace as the likeness of God


Amen and Miraculous Success

Minor Keynotes

Negative (Tem) Judgments

Amen Combinations (Metutu)

Chapter 11


Main Keynotes

Oneness with God and with all

Major Ausar themes in the scriptures

The Master Key to Miraculous Success

The Seer

Oneness with God

The Self

Minor Keynotes

Negative (Tem) Judgments

The Metutu (combinations) of Ausar

Chapter 12


Major Keynotes

The source of the Word of God

Proof of God’s being

Tehuti, the source of science, mathematics, writings and learning

The will of God

Word of God

Tehuti the Law giver

Truth and Objectivity

Prophecy, prognostication, Values and Guarantees

Tehuti, the revealer of man’s destiny

Minor Keynotes

Negative (Tem) Judgments

The Metutu (Combinations) of Tehuti

Chapter 13


Major keynotes

Sekher is the Spiritual Power and Omnipotence of God


God provides you with all that you need to meet your destiny

Spiritual Power is not force but the effect of God’s will – non-opposition

Adversity, Ease and the Ra force

Minor Keynotes

Negative (Tem) Judgments

Sekhert Combinations (Metutu)

Chapter 14


Major Keynotes


Love for God

Order and Love

Minor Keynotes

Negative (Tem) Judgments

Maat Combinations (Metutu)

Chapter 15


Major Keynotes

Divine Protection

Heru Behutet

Minor Keynotes

Negative (Tem) Judgments

Herukhuti Combinations (Metutu)

Chapter 16


Major Keynotes

Heru, the son of Auset and Ausar – the Son of Man

Heru, the miracle worker and healer

Weighing of the Heart and of Words

The Will

Men Ab, Discipline

Freedom to choose

Reasoning, Circumspection

Visual thinking – the Utchat Aakhu

Pert Em Hru

Minor Keynotes

Negative (Tem) Judgments

Heru Combinations (Metutu)

Chapter 17


Major keynotes

Het-Heru the faculty of Imagination

Reality and the Imagination

Other Important functions of the imagination

Vision of path and steps

Inventions, solutions

Invocation of emotions


Congregative Thinking

Minor Keynotes

Negative (Tem) Judgments

Het-Heru Combinations (Metutu)

Chapter 18


Major Keynotes

The messenger of the gods


The Words of Man

Worldly Information

Techniques, Technology

Ends justify the means

Lack of holism

Hearing way through life

Formula thinking (ready-made solutions), going by the book, education

Minor Keynotes

Negative (Tem) Judgments

Sebek Combinations (Metutu)

Chapter 19


Major keynotes


Learning, indiscriminate imitation

Sahu behavior, asleep

Devotion, sacrifice, and worship

The Lord of Words of Power

The doorway to Eternity and Infinity


Minor Keynotes

Negative (Tem) Judgments

Auset Combinations (Metutu

Chapter 20


Major keynotes


Adversity – the learning impetus

Physical resources

Minor Keynotes

Negative (Tem) Judgments

Geb Combinations (Metutu)

Chapter 21


Major Keynotes

Traditions, history of your people

Racial kinship, racial manifesto, and your relationship with others

Honorable destiny

Negative (Tem) Judgments

Chapter 22

Dark Deceased

Major keynotes

You hold together with the wrong people

Dishonorable destiny

Interference from a dark deceased

Dark deceased Combinations (Metutu)

Chapter 23


Major keynotes

Minor keynotes

Negative (Tem) Judgments

Chapter 24


Major keynotes

Minor keynotes

Negative (Tem) Judgments

Uatchet and Nekhebet Combinations

Chapter 25

Interpreting the Reading


Example of a one card reading

Example of a two card reading

Non-Spiritual Readings

Chapter 26

Working the Miracle

Miracles are Governed by Divine Law

Living by Law

The Word of God vs. the Words of Man

The 11 Laws are Aspects of One Law

The Mind, the Centerpiece of Spiritual Work

The Procedure of Working Miracles


What you want and the Imagination

How to use the imagination for success

Who is doing the imaging

How do you know that you are a Divine Being?

Managing the Mind for Success

Changing the Mind

The 11 Laws of God












The Role of Spiritual Power and its Dependence on the 11 Laws

Working with the 11 Laws

The “42” Declarations of Not Having Sinned The Weighing of the Heart and of Words

”I am Maa Xeru”

Chapter 27


The Paut Neteru

A Closed System

The Tree of Life (the Paut Neteru) in the Judeo Christian Tradition

The Book of Revelation

Freedom from Sin

Appendix A

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