Metu Neter Vol 4

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Metu Neter Vol 4 - By Ra Un Nefer Amen



You cannot realize your divinity from your understanding of spiritual principles, regardless of how well you have understood them. Realization of divinity depends on establishing the 11 divine Laws—Maat— to generate your spiritual power. These laws must be placed in the mind in a specific order, as they are interdependent, and they must be implanted at a specific time of the year according to the receptivity of the spirit (Ra).

Table of Contents


How to use this Book


Author’s Preface

A Brief History of Religion

What is a god and what is God?

Monotheism and Polytheism

Chief Elements of Ancient Egyptian Religion

The Two Aspects of Being

Part I

Chapter 1

Objective of the Book

Union with God through the Realization of your Divine Self

Importance of the Union with God

Help from God is not Automatic, it must be Earned

The Divine Plan

The Ausarian Initiation Process

The Self Image

The Divine Self Image, Ausar

Ensuring a Positive Life

Nature of Divine Law, the Paut Neteru

Complementary Organization of the Laws

Hierarchical Organization of the Laws

Supplementary Organization of the Laws

Chapter 2

Ausarian Initiation and Evolution

The Evolutionary Forces in the Spirit

Chapter 3

Initiation Means and Goal

Overview of the Initiation Program

The Means


Weighing of Words and the Heart


Words into Flesh

The Schedule, the Solar Cycle of the Spirit

The Kamitic Solar Calendar

Part II

Chapter 4


The Elements of the Initiation Work


Zazen Meditation Technique


The Meditation Script

Declaration of Freedom from Sins

Living Truth at the Crossroads

Ausar, the Divine Self Image

The Spiritual Journal

The Ancestral Group

Qi Gong, Diet, and Lifestyle

Objective of each Set of Assignment

Chapter 5

The Law of Amen, Neter 0 of the Paut

Amen’s Peace

Is the Origin and Foundation of Man’s Well Being

Ill Effects of Emotional Stress and the Protective Role of Peace

Peace, the Prerequisite for Behavioral Change and Growth

Foundation of the Law of Amen

Peace, Challenge, And the Development of the Brain and Intelligence

Amen Ra

Balancing Heaven and Earth in Amen

Amen Initiation Work

Chapter 6

The Law of Ausar, the 1st Neter of the Paut

Your Self is Unperceivable

Ausar – the Self, the Seer

Ausar, the Self was meant to be the initiator of all that happens in “Man’s” life

Ausar, Oneness with God, with All

Oneness with All, with God

Balancing Heaven and Earth in Ausar

Ausar Initiation Work

Chapter 7

The Law of Tehuti, the 2nd Neter of the Paut

The Two Wills in “Man’s” Being

The Will and Success

The Mind and Success

Proof of God’s Being

Uniting with the Will of God

The Metu Neter, the Word of God

Unification of the Will of God with the Will of “Man”

Balancing Heaven and Earth in the Law of Tehuti

The Will of God Never Fails

Tehuti Initiation Work

Chapter 8

The Law of Sekher, the 3rd Neter of the Paut

The Two Powers of the Spirit in “Man’s” Being

Psychic Force, the Khaibit (Geb)

Spiritual Power, the Shekhem (Sekher)

Uniting with the Spiritual Power of God

Sekher, the Limiter

Manifesting the Spiritual Power of God in your Life

Sekher Initiation Work

Chapter 9

The Law of Maat, the 4th Neter of the Paut

Reciprocity and Interdependence – Basis of Order and Abundance

Reciprocity and Interdependence between “Man” and God

Love, the Supreme Force of the Universe

Awakening and Cultivating Love for God

Maat is the Food of Ra

Love and Transgressors

God-Women And God-Men, Proofs of God’s Existence

Balancing Heaven and Earth in the Law of Maat

Maat Initiation Work

Chapter 10

The Law of Herukhuti, the 5th Neter of the Paut

The Balance of Heaven and Earth and the Law of Herukhuti

Herukhuti Initiation Work

Chapter 11

The Law of Heru, the 6th Neter of the Paut


”Will Power” and Het-Heru

”Will Power” and Reasoning

”Free Will,” the Essence of “Man’s” Divinity

The Three modalities of the Self, the Middle Pillar of the Paut

Heru, the Savior

The Two Types of Evil

The Triumph of Heru over Set

The Two Aspects of Heru

Heru Khenti em Maat

Heru Initiation Work

Schedule of Spiritual development

Chapter 12

Law of Het-Heru, the 7th Neter of the Paut


Purpose of Happiness

Insatiability of Earthly Joy

The Balance between Heaven and Earth and the Law of Het-Heru

The Imagination

The Imagination, Vehicle of the Will

Dwelling on the Joyful Outcome of your Will

Art, Entertainment and Spiritual Rituals

Dwelling on Negative Thoughts and Positive Images

Het-Heru Initiation Work

Chapter 13

The Law of Sebek, the 8th Neter of the Paut

Earthborn Information

The Left Hemisphere of the Brain

The Human Self Image and lack of Oneness with God and the World

Power of the Word

Sebek Initiation Work

Chapter 14

The Law of Auset, the 9th Neter of the Paut

Receptivity and Indiscriminate Imitation

Trance and Transcendence

Trance and Negative Cultivation

Residence of the Self Image

Devotion, Love, Sacrifice and the Power of the Word

Auset Initiation Work

Chapter 15

Heru Behutet, Inheritor of Geb and the First Judgment

Heru Behutet Rituals

Chapter 16

The Winter Solstice, the Final Judgment

The Work of the Winter Solstice

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