Metu Neter Vol 6

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Metu Neter Vol 6 - By Ra Un Nefer Amen



This book offers an entire curriculum on how to use the faculties of the spirit and 72 of their mantras (words to power) to awaken and develop the talents you need to excel in your career (law, medicine, education, art, community development, business, entrepreneurship, etc.) You will also learn to protect yourself against spiritual attacks, unjust actions of others, unjust legal situations, theft, treachery and so forth.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1

Neteru, Angels, “Deities” and Sources of Personalities and Talents

The Importance of Categorizing

The Categorization of People According to Western Psychology

History of Categorization of Personality System

Ancient Egypt

Dravidian India

Ancient China

Ancient Greece

Kamit (Ancient Egypt)

The Paut Neteru of Anu

Chapter 2

Archangels and Angels in the West

What are Angels

Monotheism, Polytheism, Patriarchy, and Matriarchy

What is a god and what is God?

Ceremonial Magic

Chapter 3

The Essence of Religions

Essentials of Religious Systems

The Essence of Kamitic Religion

Dissemination of and Deviations from Kamitic Religion

Chapter 4

The Knowledge of God’s and Man’s Being

The Self versus the Not Self

The Will as an Essence of the Self

Consciousness as an Essence of the Self

The Ability to Know as Essence of the Self

The Spirit, the Not Self

The Reason for Duality of Being

Complementary Relationship of the Self and the Spirit

Chapter 5

The Paut Neteru

The Paut Neteru of Anu

The Paut Neteru of Denderah

Chapter 6

Profiles of the Neteru An Overview

The Major Neteru/Archangels, Self Image and Persona Images Containers

The Neteru and Qabalistical Archangels

The Divine Self Image Neteru (Archangels)

The Persona Images Neteru

Chapter 7

Book of Knowing the Transformations of Ra and Overthrowing Apep

Chapter 8

Establishing the Divine Self Image, An Overview

Maat, the Food of Ra

The Law of Amen and Atum and the Freedom from Opposition in the Spirit

The Law of Ausar Oneness and Non Opposition in the Spirit

Tehuti, the Divine Will and Non Opposition in the Spirit

Chapter 9

The Seven Persona Images Neteru and the 72 Hekau (Mantras)

The Hekau of the Persona Neteru

The 72 Hekau


Vehicle of God's Spiritual Power in Man


Sekher's Energy and Mental Qualities

Sekher Personality Keynotes



Love for God

Order and Love

Maat's Energy and Mental Qualities

Maat Personality Keynotes


Heru Behutet

Herukhuti's Energy and Mental Qualities

Herukhuti Personality Keynotes


Heru, the son of Auset and Ausar - the Son of Man

Heru, the miracle worker and healer

Weighing of the Heart and of Words

The Will

Men Ab, Discipline

Freedom to choose

Reasoning, Circumspection

Visual Thinking - the Utchat Aakhu

Heru's Personality Keynotes

Heru's Energy and Mental Qualities


Reality and the Imagination

Other Important functions of the imagination

Het-Heru's Energy and Mental Qualities

Het-Heru Personality Keynotes



The Words of man

Worldly information

Techniques, technology

Ends justify the means

Lack of holism

Hearing way through life

Formula thinking (ready-made solutions), going by the book, education

Sebek's Energy and Mental Qualities

Sebek Personality Keynotes


Learning, Indiscriminate imitation

Sahu behavior, asleep

Devotion, sacrifice, and worship

The Lord of Words of Power

The doorway to Eternity and Infinity


Auset's Energy and Mental Qualities

Auset Personality Keynotes

Chapter 10

Elements of the Ra Initiation Program

Establishing the Divine Self Image, Ausar

The Hierarchical Organization of the Spirit's Faculties

The Divine Self Image Meditation Script

Definition of Self Image

The Amen Meditation

The Ausar Meditation

The Tehuti Meditation

Chapter 11

Selecting the Heka of the Minor or Talents Neteru

The Ideal Personality Traits

Sekher Personality Keynotes

Maat Personality Keynotes

Herukhuti Personality Keynotes

Heru Personality Keynotes

Het-Heru Personality Keynotes

Sebek Personality Keynotes

Auset Personality

Selecting the Talent Heka for your Goal

Vices and the Selection of a Heka

Pact with the Devil

Chapter 12

The Minor Neteru Meditation Scripts

Meditation Script for Careers, Talents, healing and Success

Elements of the Meditation Script

Example Career, Talent Meditation Script

Meditation Script for Health

Meditation Script for Spiritual and Personal Development

Meditation Script for Spiritual Protection

Meditation Script for Psychic Abilities

Chapter 13


Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C


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