Metu Neter Vol 5

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Metu Neter Vol 5 - By Ra Un Nefer Amen



All health scientists are in agreement that the stress of emotions—fear, anger, worry. Grief, guilt, depression—is the chief underlying cause of ill health. It is what in spite of a good diet and healthy lifestyle will make you vulnerable to infectious disease, cancer, and all degenerative illnesses. And with all the many challenges in this modern world there is no wonder why illnesses induced by stress are so rampant and increasingly so. Yet, man was designed to meet all challenges of life with peace and joy. Ra Un Nefer Amen gives a detailed step by step instruction on how to apply the Metu Neter—11 laws of God—to achieving the state of energy called Hetep, Nirvana, Shalom, Salaam, Wu Ji in various spiritual traditions. It is the state in which man transcends all possible stress reactions to challenges and establishes thus a permanent peaceful and joyful response that brings about the healing of existing illness, maintenance of health and the realization of longevity. Metu Neter, volume 5 is accompanied by a guided meditation CD

Table of Contents



Chapter 1

The Chief Source of Illness and Health

The Ego is the Chief Source of Illness and Health

The Ego is the Self Image

The Ego or Self Image as Source of Emotions and therefore Illnesses

Hetep, Nirvana and the Ka of Ausar

Chapter 2

The Brain’s Framework of Being

The Three or Four Brains

The Growth Framework

Who or What Programmed the Brains?

The Interaction of the Cortex and the Lower Brains

One Brain at a Time

Self Image, the Brain and Emotions

The Brain and the Human Self Image

Chapter 3

The Brain and Illness

The Tefnut of Yin and the Shu or Yang of Western Medicine

Brain and Body Homeostasis or Equilibrium

The Brain’s Response to an Immediate Physical Threat

The True Stress Reaction

Cortisol Gone Wild

Stress, Cortisol and the Hormonal System

The Mind is the Main Source of Stress and its Avoidance and Removal

Chapter 4


Chapter 5

Meditation, Hypnosis and the Mind Body Connection

Meditation, the Mind-Body Connection

The Meditation State and the Cortex

Breathing, the Essence of Meditation

The Vagus Nerve, the Key to the Power of Meditation

Hypnotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine

Hypnosis in the Russian School of Psychotherapy

Chapter 6

The Kamitic Framework of Being

Man’s Being, Self and Spirit


The Self and the Spirit Divisions of Being

The Will and Energy Divisions of Being

The Spiritual Framework and the Brain

The Divisions of the Spirit

Divisions of the Spirit and the Brain

Applications of the Knowledge of the Divisions of the Spirit

Self Image and the Spiritual and Brain Framework

The Spiritual Framework in Light of the Brain’s Framework

Chapter 7

Healing Meditation Framework

The 11 Desires of the Spirit

Pain, Rest and Pleasure

Pain, Peace and Pleasure

Amen, the Desire for Peace

Peace, the Foundation of Happiness

The Animal and Human Model for Happiness and Success

The Divine Model for Success and Happiness

Ausar, the Desire for Oneness with All

Tehuti, the Desire to Resolve Oppositions in Life

Sekher, the Desire for Purpose and Power

Maat, the Desire for Law and Order

Herukhuti, the Desire for Protection from Injustice

Heru, the Desire for Freedom

Het-Heru, the Desire to Create

Sebek, the Desire for Security

Auset, the Desire for Learning, Transcendence and Growth

Geb, the Desire to Exert Power over the Earth

Chapter 8

Healing Meditation Objectives and Methods

Meditation Objectives

Self Experiencing and Centering Meditation

The Paut Neteru of Khmun or the Tree of Pre-Life

The Self Centering Meditation Method

Other Benefits of Zazen

Spiritual Conditioning Meditation

The Peace and Joy Response

The Role of the Divine Spirit in Healing

The Role of the Divine Self Image in Healing

The Role of God in Healing

Chapter 9

Optimizing Brain Chemistry for Spiritual Achievement

Acetyl Choline

Acetyl Choline and Stress

Acetyl Choline and the Normal State

Acetyl Choline and the Higher Brain Functions

Dietary Building Material of Acetyl Choline

Factors that Destroy Acetyl Choline and its Receptors

Choline Supplementation

Additional Health Benefits of Choline Supplementation

Chapter 10

Healing Meditation Assignments

Self Centering Meditation

Zazen Meditation Assignment


The Breathing

The Focus of Attention

Men Ab, One Minute Zazen

Spiritual Conditioning Meditation

The Human Life Path

The Integrated Life Path

The Meditation Script

The Meditation Script: The laws

The Meditation Scripts and Zazen

Amen Meditation Scripts

Ausar Meditation Scripts

Tehuti Meditation Scripts

Sekhert Meditation Scripts

Maat Meditation Scripts

Herukhuti Meditation Scripts

Heru Meditation Scripts

Het-Heru Meditation Scripts

Sebek Meditation Scripts

Auset Meditation Scripts

Geb Meditation Scripts

Healing Others Through Meditation


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