Qi Gong Success

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 Qi Gong Succes - By Ra Un Nefer Amen



Qi Gong is applicable to every aspect of man’s life. It is a phenomenal science for balancing the emotions, optimizing the mind, and improving physiological health, physical performance and spiritual receptivity. This book, a primer for man’s quest for success, wealth and happiness through spiritual development, introduces Qi Gong’s many applications. Pursuing this Holy Grail was the aim of China’s first and oldest Qi Gong guide – the I Ching. It is time for science to begin a shift away from making better things towards making a better man.

Table of Contents




History of Qi Gong

Chapter 1


What is Qi Gong?

Why Study and Practice Qi Gong?

How does Qi Gong Achieve its Goals

The Elements of Qi Gong study and Practice

The Five Organ Energy System and Success

Chapter 2

The Kidneys/Urinary Energy System

The Kidneys Provide the Power behind the Will

The Kidneys Provide the Ability for Hard and Long Work

The Kidneys Provide Emotional Strength

The Kidneys, Short Term Memory and Success

Kidneys Organ Talk

The Kidney Yin and Kidney Yang

Zhi, the Key to Mind Over Matter

Kidney Yin

The Water Of Life

The Kidney Yin, Key to Great Creativity

Self Contemplation, necessary for Success

Kidney Yin Deficiency

Your Kidney Yin Profile

Kidney Yang

The Fire of Life

Kidney Yang Deficiency

Your Kidney Yang Profile

Differentiating Kidney Yang Deficiency from Kidney Yin Excess

Kidney’s Water Jing

Urinary Bladder

Chapter 3

The Liver/Gall Bladder System

The Imagination


Liver Anger and Aggressiveness

The Circulation of Blood and Qi

Walking Qi Gong

The Gall Bladder and Decision Making

Your Liver Energy Profile

Chapter 4

The Heart/Small Intestine Energy System

Happiness and the Shen/Spirit

Sociability and Success

The Pericardium Meridian

And the Triple Warmer System

The Small Intestine Energy System

Your Heart/Small Intestine Profile

Chapter 5

The Lungs/Large Intestine Energy System

The Seven Po

Secrets of Respiration


The Maya Bhanda

Dhumo or Gtumo Breathing

Mind Control of Emotions

The Large Intestine

Your Lungs/Large Intestine Profile

Chapter 6

The Spleen/Stomach Energy System

The Source of the human Self Image

Spleen/Stomach Deficiency

The Yi, the Power of the Word

Your Spleen Profile

Chapter 7

Prescription Strategies

Differential “Diagnosis”


Fellowship and companionship

Anger and aggressiveness


Emotional and Physical Health and Happiness

Energy System Combinations

Your Objectives and the Master Key to Success


Appendix A

Kidney Tonification Points

Liver Tonification Points

Heart Tonification Points

Triple Warmer and Pericardium Tonification Points

Lungs Tonification Point

Spleen Tonification Points

Kidney Sedation Points

Liver Sedation Points

Lungs Sedation Points

Heart Sedation Points

Pericardium and Triple Warmer sedation points

Spleen Sedation Points

Kidney Luo Points

Liver Luo Points

Spleen Luo Points

Heart Luo Points

Lungs Luo Points


The following materials are not a substitute for professional medical care, and if used in conjunction with medical therapy it is advised that you consult on its use with your health professional

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