Kamitic Success

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Kamitic Success - By Ra Un Nefer Amen



How and why were the ancient Egyptians able to lay the foundation of civilization? Thousands of years before all other civilizations appeared on the horizon of history, the ancient Egyptians intuited the knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, geometry, writing, medicine, government, religion, philosophy, literature, harmonic music and much more – and passed it on to others. In the Kamitic Success workbook, Ra Un Nefer Amen presents a step by step application of the spiritual wisdom the ancient Egyptians employed to build their magnificent civilization. Unlike other success systems that give a sprinkling of spiritual principles as the chief means of attaining success, Amen presents the entire Kamitic system in a manner that is accessible to readers from all walks of life.

Table of Contents


Author’s Preface

History of Success Systems

Judging the Systems

Ancient Egypt

Chapter 1

Overview of the Book

Your Energy and Success

Your Mind, Your Energy (Life-Force) and Success

Laws, Your Mind, Your Energy and Success

The Spirit, Laws, The Mind

The Life-Force and Success

The Knowledge of Self

Chapter 2

Proof of God’s Existence

Chapter 3

The Divine Self Image

Self Image Psychology

What is Self-Image

The Human Self Image

Persona Images

The Identity or Self Problem

The Divine Self Image

Self Image and Positive Thinking

Chapter 4

The Word

Physiological Effects of Common Negative Statements

Emotions and Success

Chapter 5

The Spirit

The Divisions of the Spirit

The Divine Plan, Free Will and Success

Free Will

The Divine Plans

The Eleven Desires of the Spirit

The 11 Talents of the Spirit

Chapter 6

Outline of the Work to Achieve Success

The Main Objective of the Work

The 11 Laws

Components of the Divine Self Image


Veneration of the Laws


The Meditation Scripts

Weighing of the Will and Your Words

Chapter 7

Amen, the Law of Peace

Happiness, Your Most Important Want in Life

Assignment #1

Peace, the foundation of Happiness

Assignment #2

Assignment #3

Assignment #4

Assignment #5

The Amen Meditations

Assignment #6

Assignment #7

Chapter 8

Ausar, the Law of Oneness with All


Ausar, the Law of Oneness with All

Assignment #1

Assignment #2

Chapter 9

Tehuti, the Law of Wisdom

Assignment #1

The Law of Wisdom

Assignment #2

Assignment #3

Chapter 10

Sekher, the Law of the Spiritual Power of God

Assignment #1

Chapter 11

Maat, the Law of Interdependence

Assignment #1

Chapter 12

Herukhuti, Law of Justice

Assignment #1

Chapter 13

Heru, the Law of Freedom

Chapter 14

Het Heru, the Law of the Imagination

Chapter 15

Sebek, the Law of the Word

Chapter 16

Auset, the Law of Transcendence

Devotion and Sacrifice

Chapter 17

Geb, the law of Earthly Impermanence

Chapter 18

The Weighing of the Heart and of Words

The Three Judgments

The “42” Declarations of Not Having Sinned

The Weighing of the Heart and of Words

Working with the 11 Laws

The 11 Laws of God












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