Het-Heru Healing Dance Book

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Het-Heru Healing Dance Book - By Ra Un Nefer Amen



Women attest to the dance’s easy, inexpensive, non-strenuous total body workout that requires no previous dance experience. Testimonials include toning of the stomach and uterine muscles, improvement in breathing rates and blood circulation after less than fifteen minutes of daily practice. These reported results accompany a release of tensions that masquerade in women’s lives as anger, grief, depression, lonliness, and fear. These and other tensions are the root of many chronic illnesses. Tension feeds illness while relaxation nurtures total mind-body wellness. Testimonials also include improved menstrual cycles, increased fertility, decreased fibroids, enhanced creativity, high tolerance levels for everyday challenges, general optimism and harmony in relationships. Now you too can harness your own tremendous healing power as you relax and experience the ecstasy of the Het Heru Healing Dance.

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