Metu Neter Vol 2

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Metu Neter Vol 2 - By Ra Un Nefer Amen







In this volume, Ra Un Nefer Amen shows how the Tree of Life and the scriptures of Kamit provide a detailed road map to guide the initiate's spiritual development. The work outlines and explains the actions that one must take to cultivate each of the 11 faculties (neteru, or so called angels/deities) of the spirit in the process of spiritual growth. Use the Tree of Life Guided Meditation CD series with this book.

Table of Contents


Author’s Preface

Chapter 1

The Ausarian Religion

God’s Attributes

The True Basis of Religion and Science

The Way of the Ausarian Religion

Chapter 2

The Kamitic Knowledge of God


Outline of Cosmogony

Stage One of Cosmosgony

The Two Fundamental Divisions of Reality

The Cosmology of Annu

The Cosmology of Khmun

The Cosmology of Thebes

The Cosmology of Men Nefer

Chapter 3

Cosmogony: The Creation

Stage 1 of Creation

Stage 2 of Creation

Stage 3 of Creation

Stage 4 of Creation

Reason for the Creation

Chapter 4

The Making of the Tree of Life

Analysis of the Cosmogonical System

The First Act

The Second Act

Duality and Equilibrium

The Six Acts of Creation

The Celestial Government

The Celestial Workers

Chapter 5

The Spiritual Anatomy of Man and the Fundamentals of Spiritual Psychology

Man’s Behavioral Faculties

The Ninth Sphere, Auset

The Eighth Sphere, Sebek

The Seventh Sphere, Het-Heru

The Sixth Sphere, Heru

The Fifth Sphere, Herukhuti

The Fourth Sphere, Maat

The Ab Division of the Spirit

The Third Sphere, Seker

The Second Sphere, Tehuti

The First Sphere, Ausar

0 Above the Tree

Chapter 6

The Three Types of Men

Ausar, the Fully Developed, or Perfect Man

The Faculties of the Ausar Man

The Ab Man

The Faculties of the Ab Man

The Sahu Man

The Faculties of the Sahu Man

Set, The Negative Side of the Sahu

Chapter 7

The Story of Ausar

Chapter 8

The Divine Social Order, and the Evil Genius of Set

The Behavior Shaping Institutions

The Chief Faculties Used in the Programming of Behavior

The Imagination

The Suggestive Power of Belief


The Setanic Perversion of Religion


The Setanic Perversion of Economics


The Setian Usurpation of Government

Chapter 9

Outline and Principles of the Initiation System of Kamit

The Devotional Stage




The Heroic Stage




The Stage of Spiritual Mastery

Chapter 10

The Physical Observances for Initiation

Chapter 11

The Auset Stage of Initiation

Laying the Foundation for Spiritual Development

The 11 Sets of Wrongs that Must be Overcome to Achieve Spiritual Mastery

Meditation to Discover the Sources of our Conditionings

The Sorrows of Auset

Chapter 12

The Sebek Stage of Initiation

The Ten Sets of Truisms (Affirmations) based on The Tree of Life

Chapter 13

The Het-Heru Stage of Initiation

Chapter 14

The Heru Stage of Initiation

Chapter 15

The Herukhuti Stage of Initiation

Chapter 16

The Maat Stage of Initiation

Models for Holistic Thinking

The Principles Governing Correct Mental Performance

The Seker Stage of Initiation

Chapter 18

The Last Three Stages of Initiation: Tehuti, Ausar and Amen

Concluding Remarks

Appendix A: The Chants

Appendix B: Assisting Others During Meditation

Appendix C: Illustrations

Appendix D: Auxillary Books and Tapes for the Initiation

Appendix E: Recommended Reading


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