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The Utchau Metu - By Ra Un Nefer Amen



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The Utchau Metu – Weighing of Words and the Will is the chief spiritual development procedure employed by the Ancient Egyptians. It guarantees realization of divinity by providing an objective means of tracking progress and a standard for verifying the realization of the goal. Unlike all other religions and spiritual systems, Ancient Egyptian Spirituality provided initiates a path to spiritual perfection that was based on clearly and accurately defined spiritual laws (Maat) and an effective method that unified meditation and reasoning. Through this book, spiritual students can organize their spiritual development, plus track their progress and verify their attainment of spiritual perfection.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Utchau Metu


Religion and Spirituality - A Historical View

Spirituality Requires a Complex Educational System

Into Spirituality, but not Religion

Drifting on the Spiritual Path

Not into Spirituality, or Religion

Lacking in the Knowledge of Fundamentals; Man's two Natures

Human Nature, the Cause of all Evil

The Human Nature and the Failure of Religion

Kamitic Religion

Freedom from Sin

The Splendor of Kamit


Chapter 1

Human vs. Divine

The Human Nature

The Reptilian Brain

The Serpent of Eden

The Kundalini Serpent

The Mammalian Brain

The Cerebral Cortex

The Pre-Frontal Lobes

The Retardation of Mankind

The Bio-Chemistry of Brain Function

The Real Problem with Stress

Dangers of Excess Cortisol

Stress, Cortisol and the Hormonal System

The Mind is the Main Source of Stress and its Avoidance and Removal

Chapter 2

The Creation of Man

The Creation of the Human or Humind

Function of the Intellectual and Frontal Brains

Chapter 3

Utchau Metu Overview

Definition of Utchau Metu

The Central Faculties of Man’s Life on Earth

Why the Weighing of the Ab and Sahu

The Spiritual Cultivation of the Mind, Centerpiece of Spirituality and Religion

Daily Weighing of the AB and Sahu

The Sahu and Ab as Man

The Self Image

Self Image, the Mind Power over “Matter”

Chapter 4

Ausar, the Divine Self Image

God, the Son of God, and the Son of Man

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