Stress Free for Life

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Stress Free For Life - by Ra Un Nefer Amen  



Health scientists have known from ancient times that stress (negative emotions) is the leading basic cause of illnesses—from the common cold to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and so on. Given the fact that almost everyone in the world is stress ridden, stress induced illnesses must be given pandemic status. And because stress is the leading cause of brain damage, it is also the leading cause of failure in people’s lives.

For the same reasons that it does not make sense to try to manage AIDS, and cancer, etc. stress must also be eliminated—and because it can be! Thus, if all that you do is to learn to cope with it, and to manage it, it will still continue to do you harm.

The failure to eliminate stress from the lives of people stems from the fact that the science of stress is based on 1930’s information on the brain, and physiology. Stress Free for Life, by Ra Un Nefer Amen, author of Metu Neter volumes 1 through 7, Maat 11 Laws of God, and many other books, applies the spiritual wisdom of the ages to the latest findings in brain science and alternative medicine to bring to the public meditation methods, herbal and nutritional materials to heal and enhance the executive functions of the brain that were evolved by nature to transcend the primitive survival responses behind stress.

The book provides meditation techniques and scripts that the author has used to guide thousands for the past 40 years to heal, and achieve success in their relationships, and professional undertakings.

Eliminate stress and help yourself and others for the simple reason that stress elimination is programmed in man’s genetic structures. It is a simple matter of gaining a scientific understanding of what you have done in the past to eliminate certain negative behaviors, and to apply them across the board everywhere else in your life.

Table of Contents



Why Stress Management in Place of Elimination

Early Conceptualization of Stress

Stress, the Underlying Cause of Illness and the Failure to Heal

Errors in Selye’s Concept of Stress

Stress Management

The Mind and Stress

Chapter 1

Who Are you?

The Brain(s) and Man’s Identity

The Reptilian Complex/Brain

The Limbic System, or Paleo mammalian Brain

The Neo Cortex

The Prefrontal Cortex

Chapter 2

Evolution, the Brains, the Self and Stress

The Reptilian Inheritance and Stress

Man’s Lower Mammalian Heritage and Stress

The Neo Cortex, Survival and Stress

The Pre Frontal Cortex and Stress

Chapter 3

The Biology of Stress

Definition of Stress

The Mammalian Survival System

Stress in the Human Body

The Fallacy of “Stressors”

The Pleasure-Reward System and Stress

Stress Induced Illnesses


Stress, Cortisol and the Hormonal System

Stress and the Brain

Chapter 4

The Word as a Physiological Agent

The Word as an Instigator of Stress and Healing

Physiological Responses to Words

The Word as a Healing Agent

Words as Medicines

Words over Situations

The Placebo Hoax

The Evidence from Stigmata

Chapter 5

Brain Killers


The Moderate Drinking Fallacy

Your Brain on Alcohol

Alcohol and Stress

Teenagers and Adolescents and Alcohol



Chapter 6

Repairing and Enhancing the Brains

Brain Energy Production

A Low Glycemic Index Diet

ATP Enhancers


Brain Detoxification

Lactic Acid


Nourishing the Prefrontal Cortex

Acetyl Choline

Ach Nutritional Supplements

Ach Agonists

Nourishing the Hippocampus

Nourishing the Hypothalamus

Managing Brain Chemistry, Managing your Day

Chapter 7

Neurobiology of Meditation

What is Meditation?

The Three States of Consciousness

The Waking State Effect on the Brain

The Meditation State

Meditation, the Mind-Body Connection

Brain Meditation Physiology

Functional Benefits of Meditation

Improvement in the Ability to Focus

Less Stress and Anxiety

Greater Creativity

Better Productivity, and Memory

Better Cardio-vascular Health

Structural Brain Changes and Meditation

Anti-Aging Benefits

Chapter 8

Meditation Procedures

Meditation and Daily Living

Meditation and PFC Health

Meditation Procedures


The Focusing Meditation Session

The Alpha Meditation State

Waking State Follow up to Meditation

The Stress Response Deprogramming Meditation

Cultivating the Relaxation Response

Utilization of the Meditation State

The SRDM Procedure

Chapter 9

Happiness Meditation Overview

Realization of Happiness as your Life’s Goal

Goal setting and the PFC

The Cultivation of inner joy

Chapter 10

The 11 Truisms

The Law Governing Peace

Transcending the Natural Feel of Primitive Influences

Incorporating the truism into your Meditation Step 4 of the Meditation Procedure

The Law Governing Oneness

Law Governing Intuition

Law Governing Destiny

Law Governing Law and Order

Law Governing Justice

Law Governing the Will

Law Governing the Imagination

Law Governing the Power of Conviction

Law Governing Behavior Change and Learning

Law Governing Physical Plasticity

Chapter 11


Appendix A

Recommended Reading

Appendix B

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